Who is Nowy Styl Group?
Get to know about our European Parent Company

Nowy Styl Group, an expert and a European leader in comprehensive office solutions, has acquired the bigger lot of shares in Stylis Dubai. Together with its local partner, the company is going to furnish hotels in the Middle East, as well as intensify the sales of chairs and office furniture in this region.

In January, the Management Board of Nowy Styl Group signed an agreement on the basis of which the company acquired 60% of shares of the company Stylis Dubai. The remaining 40% belong to the owners of Stylis with its headquarters in Saudi Arabia.

"We have been present in the United Arab Emirates for a few years. We have our own branch in Dubai. In recent years we have cooperated closely with the Saudi company Stylis, for which we implemented the production of hotel furniture in Poland. By combining our competences, we have managed to create solutions that have been appreciated by local investors. Within the last 6 years, we have equipped 21 four- and five-star hotels with 5,795 rooms in total. The current transaction allows us to develop our activities connected with furnishing hotel interiors under the Stylis brand in the whole region of the Persian Gulf " says Adam Krzanowski, CEO of Nowy Styl Group.

"The partnership with Nowy Styl Group gives us new development possibilities. The international experience, manufacturing potential and extensive knowledge of products provide a wide range of solutions, which enables us to create functional and aesthetically pleasing hotel furniture and meet expectations of the most important clients. I also appreciate the open attitude of Nowy Styl Group's managers who relied on our (Stylis') knowledge of the hotel market in the Middle East and our experience in project management" says Hesham Ibrahim, Head of Hotel Unit and co-owner of Stylis Dubai.

Development prospects

Stylis implemented its previous hotel projects in Saudi Arabia. From this year, the company is going to realise orders in Dubai. Nowy Styl Group has just started to equip the hotel Al Safeer I, and in a few weeks the company will start to assemble furniture at the hotel Al Safeer II (Barceló Hotel Group). Moreover, a few days ago Nowy Styl Group signed a contract for equipping another hotel with more than 500 rooms.

The company has its showroom covering 1,200 m2 in the heart of Dubai. Solutions from the office and hotel offer in model arrangements are presented on the 35th floor of the Jumeirah Business Centre tower.

The range of activities of the new joint venture company is supposed to go far beyond the United Arab Emirates - according to the contract, the hotel solutions by Stylis Dubai will be sold in all Middle Eastern countries, except for Saudi Arabia which will be exclusively operated by the company Stylis in Saudi Arabia.

"We predict that this transaction will allow us to increase our sales by 10-20 mln per year" claims Rafał Chwast, Vice-President and Financial Director at Nowy Styl Group. "The strong international team in Dubai and other successful project realisations are a good starting point for our further expansion to Africa or India."

Hotel furniture only in the Middle East

With the Stylis brand in its portfolio, Nowy Styl Group enters a new market sector connected with hotels. The company will equip them comprehensively - from basic standard rooms, through apartments, reception areas, lobbies, food courts, cafés and restaurants, to conference rooms.

"Many hotel products, e.g. café furniture or soft seating systems for reception areas, have been present in our offer for a very long time. That is why we have decided to take advantage of the synergy effect and the successful cooperation with our local partner in the Middle East. In the nearest future, however, we are not planning to sell hotel solutions on other European or Asian markets" claims Roman Przybylski, Member of the Management Board and Commercial Director at Nowy Styl Group. "We are an expert in furnishing office interiors and the consistent development of our offer in this area is a strategic part of our business."