Technical design aspects
? Al Rawda Hotel Project (Makkah Mega Project)

Stylis continues to embrace the Hospitality boom in Saudi Arabia, especially in Makkah with the demand for more hotels becoming necessary. At times, the client is unaware of the possible technical or architectural obstacles that could present themselves however, we consider this a strong point for Stylis and our designers take on these challenges to find the best solution for each individual project. As each project is unique with distinctive requirements, Stylis not only focuses on design, but more importantly the functionality of the room and this was especially clear in the Al Rawda Hotel Project.

Our client, Al Rawda Investment for Real Estate Development, provided us with a set of unique challenges in their requirements. In Makkah, during certain times of the year, the demand for beds to accommodate the exhausted pilgrims who have just reached the peak of their spiritual journey is at maximum capacity. The challenge was to design a system of installing furniture that could be adapted and moved to suit peak seasons. The technical design aspects had to be taken into careful consideration to ensure that the headboards and lighting could be cleverly moved and modified to increase the number of beds per room as required during peak times. As solution providers, Stylis had to develop a system that would make this possible, and at the same time manufacture the furniture within the budget set by the client while maintaining the highest quality.

In contrast to the average fit out company, our manufacturing facilities are substantial, employing over 6000 staff. Our newly constructed factory is greatly advanced, not only due to the implementation of patented technical knowledge concerning the furniture production process, but it also operates a fully automatic production line controlled by a CNC programme using laser edge bending technology and a laser beam to melt the surface for gluing. This advanced technology allows us to manufacture the furniture based on the customer?s orders only. Efficiency is exactly the same regardless of the number of furniture items ordered ensuring that Stylis is able to successfully produce furniture for Mega Projects fulfilling both quantity and quality requirements.

For this mega project, all 750 rooms and public areas were completed within the strict time frame by careful control of production, delivery and installation. From the date of client acceptance until completion of the installation process, the Al Rawda Makkah Project was completed in 110 days.

The guest rooms, approximately 24m2 in size, are designed in a modern style with Stylis manufacturing all of the fixed wooden items in HPL.