STYLIS participating in
Hotel Room Design Challenge during The Hotel Show 2019

The Hotel Show 2019: Stylis unveiled a Dubai-inspired hotel room design.

It’s masculine outside but very soft and warm inside which keeps you coming back, like you keep returning to Dubai, say Stylis designers who prepared a bespoke hospitality project for the first ever Hotel Room Design Challenge. Check out the outcome of their work and browse the photo gallery from the leading event of the hospitality market in the Middle East.

The Hotel Room Design Challenge was one of the most anticipated events during the Hotel Show held in Dubai on 17th-19th September 2019. A few weeks ago three companies selected by the jury to enter the final stage of the competition – Gensler, GAJ and Stylis – were tasked with designing and building mock-up rooms to be presented during the Hotel Show. The main theme which they were expected to reflect in their project was Dubai: The World of Possibilities, The Lifetime of Stories. Stylis ultimately decided not to impose a single vision of Dubai upon guests, leaving them free to explore the city and then shape their memories. Hence, references to history, landscape and sites were subtle, and everyone could interpret them in a slightly different way, uniquely, like fingerprint patterns which the designers turned into a symbol of the room.

“At first, when I started understanding the theme, there was a number of everyday things you could identify Dubai’s character through. Therefore, it was difficult to respond this challenge in such a way to stay particular, send a message and keep to the point, but also not to be so ‘obvious’ and ensure that those who consumed it understood what we tried to say. So, instead of staying wrapped to a single topic, we took it through fragments which was the way that Dubai itself functioned by having so many differences in terms of culture, religion, race, mentality, and age. We blended them all into one set and made them work together,” describes the idea behind the Fingerprint Room Nemanja Derman, Lead Architect at Stylis.

Emilia Bielemuk, Marketing Manager at Stylis and another member of the challenge team, points out that the diversity of Dubai is also reflected by the variety of materials and accessories originating in many different parts of the world which were incorporated into the interior design. “The furniture was manufactured in Poland, the carpet came from Denmark, the marble plates were imported from Iran, and the lamps were ordered in Turkey. In result, it is a mixture reminiscent of the cultural melting pot which you can experience in Dubai,” she compares.

Visually, the room is very masculine at the first glance, admits Nemanja Derman. It is minimalist with dark colours shades prevailing. However, after spending just a few seconds in it, guest start to feel its warmth hidden in numerous details, with the softness of the carpet under the feet or gilded surface of the lamps which fill the interior with sunny light, just to mention some of them. “At the beginning, the masculine character gives the impression of some austerity, but soon you start to feel comfortable which keeps you coming back. Dubai is pretty much the same. It may seem overwhelming when you come to the city for the first time but then you keep returning. In this sense, I believe we managed to meet the theme of the Challenge in our design,” concludes the architect.

The results of the competition were announced during the Middle East Hospitality Awards Gala held on 18th September at Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The first prize came to GAJ whose architects presented a project combining interior design with a concept for a brand new hospitality service – a container hotel room.

Michał Wilczyński, Director of Stylis, congratulates the winners and says that regardless of the results of the competition it turned out to be a major success of Stylis. “For three days the eyes of the visitors of the Hotel Show, as well as all the whole hospitality branch in the Middle East were turned on us as everyone was very curious about the Challenge. Thus, the brand awareness of Stylis on the market was significantly strengthened, especially because we competed with two acclaimed international companies. It was an honour and a valuable lesson for us which will undoubtedly bring profits soon as the feedback I received form the guests visiting our stand was really amazing,” he sums up.

“I’d like to thank my team for all the hard work and the huge effort they put into the competition. In a very short time, they managed to do a really tremendous job and I’m really proud of them. It wouldn’t be possible though, if it wasn't for the support of our colleagues from Poland to whom we are very grateful. Our participation in the final of the Hotel Room Design Challenge and the effect of the project is the success of the whole Nowy Styl Group,” adds Michał Wilczyński.