STYLIS Hotel Solutions
at the hotel show Dubai 2016

Focused on cutting edge design and sustainability solutions, STYLIS took part in the Hotel Show, 17-19 September at the World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE. Our Stylis team members met with buyers and decision makers from the region's leading hotel brands and hospitality establishments. We talked to Hotel Operators, Owners, Managers, Architects, Engineers, Designers, Developers and Consultants.

The STYLIS stand which comprised of a 168m2 display area exhibited 2 hotel rooms, a reception counter and meeting area equipped with armchairs, coffee tables, conference table and conference chairs. Room no 1 called "Tron" inspired by the futuristic movie of the same name, delighted visitors with vibrant decor and modern accessories.

Room no 2 called "Honey" designed in shades of beige and gold with wooden finishes introduced guests to the world of elegance and sophistication. It positively affected visitors with its warm colours and attracted attention thanks to the unique headboard which was inspired by the honeycomb effect.

Exhibiting at this event was a unique opportunity to showcase our new products and solutions, reach new markets and develop our existing contacts, says Stylis Hotel Solutions CEO Hesham Ibrahim. STYLIS furniture provides the latest technologies, e.g. state-of-the-art technology for veneering curved elements with a laser, advanced machinery producing High Pressurised Laminate furniture" (HPL furniture) and many more. HPL furniture has several advantages over conventional veneers when it comes to addressing these concerns. With a large range of finishes available, HPL can withstand high temperatures and intense surface pressure. In most cases, it is also more economical, explains Hesham Ibrahim.

The Hotel Show is the largest hospitality event in the region with over 600 suppliers from more than 50 countries, showcasing everything needed to build, develop, operate and maintain a hotel. Market forecast for the hotel industry in the region is very positive. There are 183 hotel projects and 54,000 hotel rooms in the UAE pipeline, according to a new report by TopHotelProjects prepared for The Hotel Show Dubai 2016, which also reveals that the majority of the new hotels are expected to open before 2020.

Similarly, in Saudi Arabia, the hospitality industry continues to grow with several new hotel projects being launched in major cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah and Makkah. Saudi is now the second largest hub for hotel construction in the Middle East and Africa, behind only the UAE. Saudi remains the leading tourist destination in the region and religious tourist figures are forecast to reach new heights with Government improvements to infrastructure, and developments to the Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah.

Further across the Middle East and North Africa, several new project enquiries are seen in areas such as Morocco and Algeria, while in India the recent increase in the hospitality sector will see an additional 52,000 rooms added by 2017.

* * *

Following our meeting recently at the Hotel Show Dubai, I thank you for your time, positive feedback and hope you were inspired by STYLIS Hotel Solutions and the designs that we presented, says Hesham Ibrahim.

For those who missed the event and would like to contact us, you can visit the STYLIS showroom in Dubai (UAE), the regional office in Jeddah  (Saudi Arabia) or our Head Office in Krosno (Poland).

We can be reached by phone and email as below:

+971 4 456 6010 (Dubai, UAE)  -

+966 12 607 66 22 (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)  -

+48 13 4376276 (Krosno, Poland)  -