Reducing our CO2

Nowy Styl Group, which Stylis is part of, is aware of the emissions that have an effect on climate change and takes responsibility by ensuring that its business activities and products are implemented and produced in a sustainable and responsible manner. The COPerformance Ladder certificate is a confirmation of those actions.

The debate on climate and the environment has become increasingly loud in recent years, and the threat posed by the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is becoming a growing problem. The tool to implement this challenge is the so-called CO2 Performance Ladder.

What is the CO2 Performance Ladder?

It is the Dutch sustainability instrument that helps companies and governments to reduce CO2 and costs. Within business operations, in projects and in the chain.

The COPerformance Ladder is a COmanagement system that consists of 5 levels. Up to and including level 3, an organization starts working on emissions from its own organization and all projects. From levels 4 and 5, COemissions in the chain and sector are also addressed.

The requirements of the different levels of the certificate are based on four assumptions:

  • Insight: Determining the energy flows and the CO2
  • Reduction: the development of ambitious goals for CO2
  • Transparency: Structural communication about CO2
  • Participation: Participation in initiatives in the sector in the field of CO2

Nowy Styl Group applies to the highest level that relates to your own organization: level 3. That will help reduce the emission of harmful substances resulting from the activities of the company.

Our goals

Nowy Styl Group's objective is to reduce COemissions by 2.8 percent annually by 2025. This means that Nowy Styl Group will produce 20% less COemissions in 2025 compared to 2018. This target is related to annual sales.

The introduction of several principles will allow us to achieve the assumed goal. Firstly, application of sustainable electricity by wind turbines or biomass at production facilities in Poland. Secondly the purchase of energy-efficient machines to optimize the production and higher energy efficiency in heating offices. Also expansion of the number of electric cars within the Nowy Styl Group’s fleet and reduction in the number of business flights through optimal use of video conferencing.