Our interior design
shortlisted for Lobby of the Year Award 2019

An interplay of upscale modern decorations and an Arabic touch designed by Stylis NSG for the lobby of Two Seasons Hotel in Dubai was shortlisted in the acknowledged Leaders in Hospitality Awards 2019, with prospects to win the Lobby of the Year category.

For the last decades, the hospitality sector in the Middle East has been rapidly developing, with the Emirate of Dubai (UAE) as the unquestionable leader of the growth. Especially in the last couple of years, since it had been selected the host city of EXPO 2020, the number of hotels and apartments skyrocketed with new buildings literally springing up in the city’s landscape. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that companies are bending over backward to compete, ensuring the highest level of service for the guests. Their efforts laid the cornerstone for Leaders in Hospitality Awards – the contest launched five years ago by Middle East branch of Hotel & Catering News magazine to select and recognize trendsetting hoteliers – people and establishments who work hard every day to contribute to the success of the whole industry.

The current edition comprises numerous categories which reflect high specialization on the market. One of them is Lobby of the Year Award. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and this has never been better illustrated than when you enter a hotel for the very first time and reach the lobby. The winner of this category will have shown a unique approach to creating a lobby atmosphere and ambience,” explain the organizers who have just announced the shortlisted nominees. Among them is the lobby of Two Seasons Hotel (former Gloria Hotel), designed and arranged by Stylis NSG, a company based in Dubai and owned by Nowy Styl Group, a global specialist offering full service in customized hospitality furnishing. The shortlisted lobby was renovated in August 2018. The project was a complete design including the reception area, concierge desk, entrance, waiting area and café which was incorporated into the lobby.

“The concept for the interior design of the lobby in Two Seasons Hotel is an interplay of upscale modern decorations and traditional Arabic accents. The spaces combine intimate seating, allowing guests to enjoy privacy within a larger social zone of the public area. The desire for functional space has not overshadowed the glamour of the luxury experience. The lobby features high-end design elements, including gold ornaments on ceiling and walls, as well as modern chandeliers.” Nemanja Derman, interior designer at Stylis NSG

It is worth mentioning that the arrangement of the lobby was a part of a bigger renovation plan for the hotel, including the refurbishment of 504 rooms and suites. The works were carried out by Stylis NSG as well. According to the company’s team, shortlisting of the lobby in such an acknowledged competition constitutes a solid proof that their competences in successful delivering of even the most demanding and challenging projects are at the highest level.