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Thinking, or why we have decided to rebrand


With a global brand, we will be stronger

“Nowy Styl has transformed from a chair manufacturer into an expert in fitting out office spaces and public areas over the recent years. We keep developing all the time, and we want the way we have come so far to be reflected in our strategy and our communication. That is why we have decided to rebrand. The aim of the change is to show our strengths and highlight our character, without which we would not have achieved a leading position in Europe,” says Adam Krzanowski, the President and co–founder of Nowy Styl, explaining the reasons behind the rebranding decision.

The situation before the rebranding

As a “group” or “umbrella” brand, Nowy Styl Group had brands with highly varying local and international power in its portfolio: Nowy Styl, BN Office Solution, Grammer Office, Rohde & Grahl, Sitag, Kusch+Co and Majencia, as well as Forum Seating and Stylis Hotel Solutions operating in different segments. We worked for many years in that formula, but our dynamic growth is making it unclear and less effective for our partners and customers.

The situation after the rebranding

As of today, the group brand Nowy Styl Group ceases to exist, its function taken over by a refreshed brand Nowy Styl, and the complete brand portfolio looks as follows:

Nowy Styl with a new visual identity – the main and key international brand in professional markets, which is also becoming the “group brand”, taking over the role of Nowy Styl Group.

SOHOS by Nowy Styl – a new international brand covering products with basic functionalities, offering excellent value for money.

Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl – an international brand with designer furniture, targeted primarily at architects, also offering specialized products for passenger terminals and the healthcare sector.

Sitag by Nowy Styl – a professional brand (an equivalent of Nowy Styl) operating exclusively on the Swiss market.

Forum Seating by Nowy Styl – an international brand offering solutions for auditoria, cinemas and stadiums.

Stylis Hotel Solutions – a local brand for countries of the Middle East, offering solutions for hotels.

Over the coming months, the following brands will be gradually merged with Nowy Styl and phased out: BN Office Solution, Rohde & Grahl, Majencia and Grammer Office.

New visual identification

The change is not only covering the structure of the Nowy Styl brand, but also its visual identity. The new logo reflects our strong character, openness and readiness for dialogue. Its design is fresh and modern, in line with current trends.

Like Nowy Styl itself, it is powerful and expressive but it does not announce all over the place that it is special.

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