ProductionAbout Nowy Styl Group

  • 15 modern factories mainly in low cost countries (Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Germany and Switzerland) allow us to manufacture high quality products very efficiently
  • 234 074 m2 production floor with world-class technologies of approximately 32 football courts!
  • Our own Design and
    Implementation Centre
  • The world's best hi-tech machines:
    • extremely precise FIBER laser technology to cut metal parts
    • AMAYA XTS embroidery machine for upholstering
    • machines for processing furniture boards: panel ripsaws for cutting the boards, veneer machines for one- and two-sided narrow surfaces (PVc and ABS 0.5-3 mm edge banding)
    • CNC machines for milling, drilling, curved-line veneering and many more
  • Our capacity: We produce 1 000 000 furniture items every month

furniture factories in Europe - Jaslo, Poland

  • 24 000 m2 floor surface
  • 2 modern and globally innovative production lines
  • "Just in time" production system
  • Eco-friendly innovative technologies
  • Full automation of production
  • High-performance of long and short product series
Advanced furniture factory


The company skillfully combines a craftsman's precision with the requirements of large scale production. Furniture is handcrafted by our artisans with attention to details. It is thanks to them that we can offer our clients solutions in which exquisite design combines with excellent quality and aesthetic functionality.

The satisfaction of our customers inspire us to keep developing and producing even more perfect products.

Production Wood


The production of bent, glued elements and solid wood takes place in digitally controlled, multi-axis processing centres that provide for almost unlimited modeling possibilities. The company also has an automated varnishing line.

Production Metal


Large and small metal elements for furniture are produced in the metal processing plant. The company has at its disposal presses from 10 to 400 tonnes, automated welding, soldering, bending and planning stations, a fully automated polishing robot and many other highly specialized stations. Computer-controlled galvanization processes (3 chromium plating lines) and varnishing guarantee the optimal adhesion of the chrome and varnish coating.

Production Synthetics


In production from elements made of synthetic materials, we use the latest solutions and techniques, allowing us to lower the manufacturing costs - for example, by using a method of gas injection and also the use of regranulate from recycling. The elements produced are subjected to thorough inspection in the factory research laboratory, with regards to the parameters of plasticity and durability.

Production Upholestering


Thanks to many years experience of working with high quality fabrics of varying weaves and the highest quality leathers, microfibre and mesh fabrics, they have the ability to realize diverse orders, including those using non-standard materials provided by the client.

Production Furniture


We have machines for processing furniture boards: panel ripsaws for cutting the boards, veneer machines for one- and two-sided narrow surfaces (PVC and ABS 0.5-3 mm edgebanding), CNC machines for milling, drilling and curved-line veneering. We also have at our disposal a department for manufacturing veneer elements with natural veneers with a varnishing room.