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One of the main objectives when installing furniture in hotel rooms is that it must be aesthetically appealing and durable enough o last several years. HPL furniture has several advantages over conventional veneers when it comes to addressing these concerns. With a large range of finishes available, HPL can withstand high temperatures and intense surface pressure. In most cases, it is also more economical.

Stylis is a manufacturer of hotel furniture, but we also have an experienced in-house design team that can offer Space Saving Solutions and Design concepts.

Many of the Hotel Furniture suppliers are ?middle men? or agents for the main supplier. As Stylis represents the Hotel Furniture Division of the Nowy Styl Group, you are dealing directly with the manufacturing source. There are no additional agents fees involved and there is more control with the order when dealing directly with the factory.

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of furniture for hotels, resorts, restaurants and offices with services that include Interior Fit-Out solutions (Wooden Joinery work and FF&E). While the Stylis designers continue to create optimal furniture for all areas of the Hotel, the specialty core products are within the Hotel Guest Room.

We consider our style of furniture to be a mix of modern and contemporary with our machinery best suited for clean simple lines free of heavy hand crafted details. Guests can be assured that we have considered every aspect of their comfort. On arrival, guests will enjoy a room that is fully functional, with the latest electronic gadgets, and will be greeted by a fresh design that will not appear dated.

Since the inception of Stylis in 2002, the company has been able to establish a strong leadership in supplying furniture for the hospitality market in KSA, however with the subsequent opening of the offices in Dubai (UAE) and Krosno (Poland), Stylis continues to expand it?s reach throughout the Middle East and also Europe.

One of the most innovative technologies implemented in the new factory is the technology for veneering curved elements with a laser. Straight line veneering has been known in the market for several years, but the technology for curvilinear elements is a new technique globally and allows us to compete in quality with the best manufacturers in the world. The new factory covering 24 000m2 involves not only the production floor, but also a modern office space.

The company continues to provide interior solutions to Hotel Owners/Operators and recently successfully installed projects such as the Radisson Blue Hotel, Casablanca Hotel, Views, Rawda Suites, Park Inn, Barracuda Beach Resort. Currently Stylis is involved in several projects in KSA which include Aiana and in UAE (Gloria Hotel, Al Safeer Hotel).

Early 2015 saw Stylis ? Poland expand their office in Krosno to include a Showroom to cater for the needs of the clients in Europe. Stylis Dubai has opened the showroom & office in the prestigious JBC in Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The new Dubai Showroom includes a 1024m2 Showroom and showcases the various interior solutions and finishing options provided by Stylis.

We have an Office and Showroom in Dubai (UAE), a Regional Office in Jeddah (KSA) with an Office, Showroom and factory facilities in Krosno (Poland).

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Stylis guarantee availability of all spare parts and a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.